Saturday, May 14, 2016

Creating automated Visit Summary from EMR

This video is a guide to EMR vendors about how to create an automated visit summary or discharge summary for the hospitals' patients

Thursday, May 12, 2016

'I informed you thusly' moments...

In my Sept 2015 Post on LinkedIn I had predicted about the imminent dot com bubble burst.
I also predicted that the burst this time would be insidious and not a crash like the 2000's.

In last 8 Months, what we have seen is:

  1. Flipkart being devalued twice to 60% of its original value (15 to 9 Billion $)
  2. Zomato devalued by ~50%
  3. Apple reporting its first decline in sales
  4. Dropbox cutting the employee privileges to save ~39Million $ Link
  5. Zynga coming down to 1700 employees from 3000 Link
  6. appearing in list of top 12 losers (Link)
There are more to report but this is the decline I had decoded in my post. 
If you still haven't read that post, read it now at LinkedIn